Story Plot of Pinoy Channel’s Impostora

It’s time to unveil the facts about Impostora. Nimfa was conceived with a deformed face. All her life she is the protest of hatred and disturbs. Through her cherishing close relative, Dining and a couple of good companions, Deedee and Maxi, she remained an adoring and kind individual, despite the fact that the world is unkind to somebody like her who isn’t physically alluring particularly her neighbor, Crisel. In any case, even the kindest individuals can just manage so much, Nimfa contacted her farthest point and assaulted Crisel. The fight finished with Crisel falling face level on a barbecue and decimating her face. Presently gravely needed by cops including Crisel’s sibling Omar, Nimfa is on the run.
She meets Dr. Jeremy Soriano, a gifted plastic specialist. With a want to get away from her past, Nimfa concurred for plastic surgery. After a progression of fruitful operations, Nimfa is currently delightful. Nobody, not by any means Crisel and the cops searching for her could perceive her through her new delightful veneer, as though Nimfa simply vanished. Nimfa believed that at long last her life will change, however, her magnificence accompanies a cost. She finds past the point of no return that the greater part of the assistance Jeremy is giving her is only an intricate plot of Jeremy and his sweetheart, Rosette. Jeremy replicated Rosette’s face and put it on her. Constrained by conditions, Nimfa turned into an unwilling twofold, an impostora, and must replace Rosette, while the genuine Rosette and Jeremy will leave the nation and will have a great time through the cash they stole from Rosette’s better half, Homer. Nimfa was guaranteed an immense pay on the off chance that she finishes her undertaking, so she concurred for her wiped out a close relative who needs solution and hospitalization. Nimfa honed and picked up everything the genuine Rosette knows. When she is prepared, the trade occurred.
Nimfa now acting like Rosette finds what a dreadful individual the genuine Rosette is. She now should pay for all the harm the genuine Rosette has done to every one of the general population around her. Be that as it may, as days pass, Nimfa figures out how to love the life and the general population the genuine Rosette never valued. Nimfa at long last has the family that all her life she has been longing for. Yet, everything must end and the genuine Rosette has returned to guarantee her legitimate place, however this time, Nimfa in pinoy Tambayan Tv isn’t willing to trade any longer as she ends up going gaga for Homer. As Homer’s family finds the impostor’s mystery, they start to acknowledge and incline toward Nimfa than the genuine Rosette unclearly.